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The Junk offers amazing day trips

We offer a extensive choice of daytrips.
With us you can go to any daytrip destination almost any day of the week. A great opportunity to refresh your diving skills before a liveaboard trip or an opportunity to visit some different divesites that normally are not a part of the regular liveaboard trip. If you charter the boat these sites could be added to your itinerary.

Racha Yai Island

Depth: 5-35 meters
Viz.: Good/excellent
Boat trip:1h 30mins

Racha's clear waters make it an excellent trip for beginners and divers who haven't been in the water for a while. It offers some of the best hard corals in the area. A few years ago one of the first live aboard boats was sunk here. It's now home to some bat fish and other critters. Racha Yai is also where we take most of our Open Water Diver students for the last two days of their certification course.

Racha Noi Island

Depth: 5-35 meters
Viz.: Good/excellent
Boat trip: 2h

Racha Noi has on average the best visibility of the day-trip destinations.
Racha Noi also offers the possibility for experienced divers to dive a pinnacle of the south point of this island. Strong currents can make this particular dive very challenging.

Shark Point

Depth: 10-27 meters
Viz.: Fair/excellent
Boat trip:1h 15 min.

This large reef with colorful soft corals and a variety of fish is every diver's favorite spot. On most days we see leopard sharks at this site. The same day you will visit Koh Doc Mai, Anemone Reef or the King Cruiser wreck.

Phi Phi Islands

Depth: 6-30 meters
Viz.: Poor/good
Boat trip: 2h15m

The islands offer great wall diving, caverns and shallow coral gardens. For lunch we anchor in a bay surrounded by cliffs. Splendid views above and underwater. There are also a few overnight trips to Phi Phi since there are so many different dive-sites around this group of islands.

King Cruiser Wreck Dive

Depth: 10-27 meters
Viz.: Fair/excellent
Boat trip:1h 15mins

The King Cruiser ferry used to go between Phi-Phi Islands and Phuket. In 1997 the ferry hit a reef near Phi Phi and sank nearby. No lives were lost, but the wreck remains as a new underwater attraction. Big schools of fish have already made their home here.

This is not a dive for beginners. Especially on a full moon the currents can be strong and the visibility can be limited. This wreck is an excellent training side for wreck-diving specialty courses though.

All trips includes all transfers, lunch and a dive master to look after you. Weight-belts and tanks are also included.

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