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Hin Deang/Muang

A mere five hundred meters separates this scuba dive site from Hin Muang. Unlike its neighbour, Hin Deng, or in English Red Rock slightly breaks the water's surface, but only at low tide. Its name comes courtesy of the hues of red Dendronephthya Soft Corals blanketing its upper slopes and walls.

There are regiments of charging Titan Trigger Fish in the shallower waters best to be avoided! It´s as if they have taken over the duty of guarding the rock keeping out intruders who want to disturb or cause damage. Further along the rock continues as a series of walls with intermittent shelves at varying depths. These descend to a sand substrate floor averaging thirty five meters and in some places dropping well beyond reach of any sensible, safety conscious diver!

The diversity of everyday reef life is grand and includes Tiny Invertebrates, many of which tend to a variety of Moray Eels, picking out trapped Scraps of food from between their teeth; others concentrate on removing unwanted parasitical intruders. Sweeping schools of Red, Yellow and White Snappers. Resident juvenile Nurse Sharks can be occasionally observed by scuba divers in a small cave at a depth of ten meters in the southwest wall.

Other Sharks seen around the rock, especially the shallower southern section, include Leopard Sharks. Small groups tend to chase after one another, cat and mouse-style around and between the pinnacles. A good concentration of Invertebrates and Cephalopods also share this somewhat restricted area including a variety of Moray Eels, Mantis Shrimps and Cuttlefish.

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