Dive with us! We show you the best sites around Phuket!

Dinghy Diving

When you have your liveaboard diving vacation on the Junk, the interruption between the seemingly steady flow of meals and snacks is of course, the diving, the quality of which speaks for itself, particularly as the majority of the sites visited are listed in the ‘Top Ten’ destinations in the world. Our dive crew are not only well-versed in their highlights, but have a few secrets as well.

Accessing these underwater treasures is done from a safe distance, that is to say, without the boat dropping divers straight onto the site and then maneuvering slowly, and noisily away. We used dinghies since day one, the routine is so meticulously handled by our well trained crew, any hesitations are quickly brushed aside and the benefits become quite clear, if not obvious.

Those zodiac rides are very short, normally 5 minutes or less. Just to put you in the water at the exact right spot and then later to pick you up and bring you back to the ship. So you don’t have to worry where you surface. Its all meant to make the diving safer and more convenient. The zodiac is actually quite big and it has a ladder so its easy to get on board again. Also people with back problems etc. we carry the equipment for you and you can don the equipment when in the zodiac just before you enter or even in the water if that's more convenient.

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