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Date: 07 – 11 Dec 2015

By Johnathan Winter

The Junk and her crew welcomed on board a group of new divers all very excited to dive the Similan Islands! The first day was an easy day full of underwater life! Batfish were out in number and were actually in the way like young puppies.

Next on the schedule were Elephant Head and West of Eden. We had lots of longnose and emperors teaming up with pack of bluefin trevallies hunting the early season glass fish. At Breakfast Bend, we found 2 longnose hawkfish turtles in a gorgonian sea fan.

At Christmas Point we had Napoleon wrasse, white tips, guitar shark, and old great barracuda grown to enormous size. The numbers of rainbow runners at West Ridge were the greatest seen so far this season.

At Twin Peaks, we had big schools of fusiliers and trevallies. Unlike our 2 first trips, the whale sharks didn't show up this time. Great day at Richelieu Rock, with good vis and lots of snappers, fusiliers, jacks, and emperors on the hunt. Conditions for the sunset dive were good, with a thick thermocline providing lots of plankton for the frenetic schools of fish.

The last diving day was at Tachai and Koh Bon. We dove with lots of glass fish with rainbow runners, brown sweetlips, golden and giant trevallies hunting them. Also, it's cephalopod mating season now and the reef octopus are relatively easy to spot.

Thank you very one! It was great to have you on board!

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