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Life on Board

We realise that life is more than just eating and sleeping, so added the diving for you. All the other cumbersome duties people have do to get through life you can leave behind. Isn't that what a true holiday is all about? Being kept busy, well fed and rested so you can forget about that other life , at least for a week.

So lets get back to basics first of all food. Food is the most important aspect of having a good life. This is especially true here in Thailand. We make it our mission to let you experience as many different dishes as we possibly can do in a week. Most heard comment "The food tastes better than most 5 star restaurants I have been too"

Sleeping, we have a wide choice of accommodation. Still most people opt for the double bed or twin share option. All our rooms have air-condition and attached bathrooms with hot water shower and toilet. Minimalistic in design but extremely comfortable.Have a look at our galery for pictures.

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