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Food on board

The food: we realize that we can't control the menu of your underwater experiences but what happens above we will do our utmost to make that a first class experience. Good food is one of the areas were we make a special effort to excel! And that is one of the reasons that most of our agents mark our liveaboard product five stars.


The most important meal of the day our mothers used to tell us. That's why we do it twice. First we have a simple breakfast before the first dive. For some that means just a cup of fresh coffee and maybe a slice of toast with marmalade or cheese. Then after we work up an appetite by diving we serve the Full Monty. Different kinds of bread and a toaster at your disposal, eggs (different style every day), bacon, ham, fried beans, fruit yoghurt, pancakes on some days and other days a nice and warm croissant, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Then there is always a big bowl of rice soup for people who want to have a traditional Asian breakfast.


Is served after the second dive. This is an Asian affair. We will have different kinds of rice (white rice, fried rice with egg or pork or beef or seafood, brown rice and other specialty rice) maybe some noodles. There will always be plenty of vegetables and fresh salads. We like to keep this a "light" meal. Three or four accompanying dishes build around seafood, meats and also some vegetarian dishes. We like our food to be nourishing and healthy at the same time.


We normally eat dinner around 18:00 before the night dive. We like to do our night dives well after sundown so we are sure that all the night creatures are out and about. Dinner consist of a full complement of Asian dishes but we also understand some people just like their familiar western power meal to recover after a days "hard work" underwater. The western food could be Italian pasta, pork steaks and fries, Mexican food or goulash and potatoes.

On our vessel you will never get hungry we guarantee that. In between meals there is always fresh fruit available, cookies in a jar, and after the night dive there will be some "sugar" waiting for you. This could be donuts (yes from Dunkin!) banana cake, cheese cake, custard, fruits in heavy syrup, nuts for the people who have a drink after the dive and so on...

P.S. If you are a vegetarian let us know before and our chef will make some extra vegetarian dishes "just for you". If you have any allergies let us know also and we make sure there are plenty of choices of food that you like and your body agrees with.

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