Dive with us! to Racha Islands in Thailand on our liveaboard

Racha Islands diving liveaboard in Thailand


Around 15 nautical miles south of Phuket lies the Racha Yai, leaving the south tip of Racha Yai another 4 nautical nautical miles will bring you to Rach Noi. As the islands lie to the south of Phuket they sit outside if Phang-nga bays waters and these picturesque islands are surrounded by clear water giving good to great visibillity year round.

Racha Yai is an excellent trip for beginners and those that have not dived for a while. Indeed this is where we take our open water students to complete their course dives. Arguably the better dive sites are on the west side of the island where sloping hard coral reefs, white sandy bottoms and rocky headlands make there descent to the deeper water, usually tapering off at around 20-25m. A few years ago, one of the first liveaboard boats was sunk here and it is now home to batfish, surrounding sand area's may turn up bent-stick pipefish and cuttle fish. Other things to look forin general are blue-spot mask rays, forsters baracuda and, on the more special side of things, indian ocean walkman. Definitely keep one eye out for the titan trigger fish on these sites as they can live up to their reputation here.

Racha Noi has on average the best visibility of the day-trip destinations.
Racha Noi also offers the possibility for experienced divers to dive a pinnacle of the south point of this island. Strong currents can make this particular dive very challenging.

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