Dive with us! to Richelieu Rock on our diving liveaboard in Thailand...

Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is part of the Surin national park and is a limestone outcropping about 9 nautical miles east of the Surin Islands. It consists of a series of pinnacles, only one of which breaks the surface at low tide, arranged in an almost horse shoe shaped figure. The pinnacles rise from the sand bottom at 35m and all of the pinnacles have many shelves and ledges, cracks, crevices and caves. Shallow sections are covered in sea anenomes. In the midsections there are fields of dendronepthya soft corals especially on the east and west sides and tubastraea hard corals are also in abundance. In the deeper sections you will come across black coral bushes, sea whips and gorgonian fans. As it the only source of protection in the immediate area, Richelieu Rock provides a haven for a myriad of underwater reef species and is a must for your diving liveaboard Thailand.

Richelieu Rock is not the biggest dive site but the diversity of life here means that one dive is not enough. Weather permitting we plan to spend the day here allowing the site to be explored in seperate sections. It also helps prevent the photographers headache of whether to dive with a macro lens for the special critters or a wide angle for the vistas and larger fish action.

Richelieu rocks reef life is not only home to most of the areas reef families it is also home to most of the species in those families as well. Check out the anenomes for all of the anenome fish present in this area of the Andaman Sea, while you are doing that look for pairs of filter feeding porcelain crabs. Look in cracks and crevases for most of the moray eel families and cleaner shrimps and pipefish. Seahorses, pipefish, robust ghost pipefish and harlequin ghost pipefish can all be seen. Octopus and cuttlefish are regularly here with mating rituals a site to be seen. Smaller specials such as harlequin shrimp and pineapple fish have made Richelieu Rock their home. On the larger scale patrolling the rock are great, chevron and pickhandle baracuda. Spanish mackerel also like to try and pick of a few fish from the huge schools of juvenille fusilliers and snappers sheltering around the rock. Whale shark sightings vary hugely from year to year but when they are around it is Richelieu Rock that gives you the best chance of sighting these enormous but beautiful creatures.

It is all of this and much more that keeps Richelieu Rock in most peoples top ten dive sites of the world. And one of the best divesites for your diving liveaboard Thailand,

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